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 I am a dancemaker because the introvert in me is drawn to expression through movement rather than words. I’m most curious about exploring ambiguity, uncertainty and the in-between which I find uncomfortable, awkward and at the same time, magical and mysterious. My background as a Black and Jewish woman compels me to the exploration of liminality, especially how it manifests within the context of race and identity. Using the language of the body, my work asks the audience to consider how race and identity exist beyond the body itself. My movement style also reflects a hybrid of forms, contemporary modern dance and dances of the African diaspora, that seek to articulate complexity in rhythm, emotion and memory.  My work aims to reveal not answers, but deeper questions.

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Photo by Whitney Browne

Alethea Pace is a Bronx-based dancer and choreographer whose work has been presented at New York Live Arts, the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!), Pregones/PRTT, the Bronx Bards Series, WestFest Dance, No Longer Empty and the Andrew Freedman House. As a dancer she has had the opportunity to perform locally, nationally and internationally with a variety of choreographers including Karl Anderson/ Slam Fest, Arthur Aviles/Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre, Doug Elkins/And Friends, Sita Frederick/ Areytos Performance Works, Maia Claire Garrison/M’zawa Dance, Joanna Haigood, Paloma Macgregor/Angela’s Pulse, Erick Montes, Marta Renzi, Richard Rivera/ Physual and Marlies Yearby. Alethea’s performance work has been supported by numerous awards including the Bronx Recognizes Its Own Award, Pepatian Open Call Residency, Laundromat Project Fellowship, New York Live Arts’ Fresh Tracks Residency, Dancing While Black Fellowship, New Dance Alliance’s Satellite Residency, Pregones Theater's Step Up Residency and 92Y Dance Residency.



Bring me flowers (2018)


An offering to the Bronx, a glimpse into the memories that fill the absence of a place faced with forgetting, erasure, transformation and possibility. An invitation to reclaim space and re-empower community.

Created with support from Dancing While Black, New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks Residency, New Dance Alliance Satellite Residency and Pregones/PRTT Step Up Residency.


Being is what I have been (2017)


A site specific exploration of the power dynamics of visibility and invisibility using the language of photography. A live stream camera positioned on the side wall captured video that was projected inside, giving the audience multiple vantages points.

Created for the opening of the En Foco Nueva Luz fellowship.


trying to sweep back the ocean with a broom (2016)


An investigation of racial ambiguity and crossing the color line through the lens of the Rhinelander case of 1925, in which a mixed race woman was accused of defrauding her white husband by passing as a white woman. Text by Urayoán Noel.

Created with support from the Open Call Residency, a collaboration between Pepatián and BAAD!.

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    Photo Marisol Diaz