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Alethea Pace

here goes the neighborhood...

...a universal reminder of the wealth of knowledge we have in our bodies, histories and communities

...a multimedia performance installation that includes movement, text, video, photography and audience interaction invitation to reclaim space





An evening-length performance work led by three characters: Ghost, Trickster and Prophet. Through movement, text, and audience interaction, they conjure memories born from turmoil and resilience, and invite the audience to collectively summon radical re-imaginings for the future. Created in collaboration with Bronx community members, the work elevates the stories of Bronxites and by extension, those of other Black and Brown communities. 



Since 2019 I have cultivated a practice of oral history walks. Participants lead

me on self-determined walks through their neighborhoods and share stories and memories based on place. They

are invited to consider sites of meaning, memory, ritual, offering or change as

part of their sharings. I record the audio during the walk and we then film site-specific movement responses.

Bronx participants include Arthur Aviles, Rodrick Bell, Malcolm-x Betts, Joan Bradford, Alexander Diaz, Ana "Rokafella" Garcia, Nic Kay and Richard Rivera.

Click the map for a preview of these conversations.



An installation that contains three altars fashioned from milk crates, 99cents store flowers, votive candles, teddy bears, balloons, picture frames, Timbs and empty Hennessy bottles. Television monitors display the movement memories of Bronxites. A chandelier made of milk crates and sneakers illuminates the space. Red tape on the floor, reminiscent of redlining maps, delineates the space.


The audience will be invited to bring an object, story or drawing that reminds them of a site of meaning, memory, ritual or change. These offerings will be added to the altar as we create space to remember and mourn what has been lost.



Photo by Kathryn Butler

Created with generous support from

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